Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How to start making money as a freelance writer

I have been a freelance writer for 3 years now. I started out writing for a friend who had an account with a freelance writing website. I didn't know at first where he got his work from so I put up with the peanuts he was paying me till one day he accidentally send me work with a uvocorp link. Of course this was a mistake. Why would he want me to know where he got his work from. I mean, I would never work for him again. Rest assured that’s what happened. I joined uvocorp. Joining the site wasn't easy. The website is one of the best when it comes to online academic writing which is simply; writing academic papers for busy or lazy :) students. They were very strict back then and they still are so I had to apply over 6 times before I got accepted. To cut a long story short, it is possible to make money online as a freelance writer. Currently I am a content writer (I write articles for websites on various topics) and am more than happy to earn 4 figures monthly working for one hour daily. To start making money as a freelance writer regardless of your niche; content writer, SEO article writer, press release writer, translation writer e.t.c., there are some things you must do;

1. Do your research: To start earning online as a freelance writer, you must also do your research. No one will tell you exactly where to go to get writing jobs. No one told me. I just happened to be lucky. I stumbled upon a link to a legitimate writing website and the rest was history. If you are not so lucky finding real websites paying writers, you must do your research. It is important to know that there are very few legitimate writing websites online. Most sites are just scams out to exploit writers. One of the few legitimate academic writing websites is UVOCORP. If you are interested in writing academic papers and you are familiar with citation styles i.e. MLA, APA, Chicago e.t.c., this website is good for you. If you are interested in writing articles for websites, iwriter is the website for you. I work with this site to date. I can tell you for sure; iwriter pays freelance writers. I will publish a list of other legitimate freelance sites later so feel free to subscribe.

2. Become an expert in your niche: This is very important to succeed as a freelance writer. I started as an academic writer writing papers for students in high school and college. Writing online academic papers is more challenging than writing articles for websites. This is because you have to perfect all citation styles. It is impossible to become successful in the long-run writing online if you don’t focus on learning and perfecting your niche. Your focus at first should be becoming the best. The money comes later. I can tell you that for sure. You get paid what you deserve. If you become a pro, you will dictate what you get paid. If you focus on the money at first and fail to be a pro in your niche, you will never get paid well.

3. Focus on writing subjects/niches you are good at: Freelance writing is a vast field as mentioned above. You can become an article writer, academic writer, translation writer e.t.c. You need to focus on what you are good at to start making money. If you are good at writing academic papers or articles, focus on that and leave the rest to pros. You will never earn money consistently online if you write about subjects or niches that you are not good at. You may earn a few dollars here and there but long term success; NO!! If you love writing poems, stick to that. There are plenty of opportunities in every writing subject/niche.

4. Follow website guidelines: The last step to start making money from home as a freelance writer is to follow website guidelines. Most freelance writers go wrong because they fail to follow website guidelines. Different sites have different guidelines which show writers exactly what to do to start making money writing. For instance, website guidelines include start up videos for helping writers; find work, start writing, start earning, fill profiles completely e.t.c. If you fail to follow such guidelines, it will be extremely difficult to earn money. Most new freelance writers are in a hurry to start earning which makes them ignore guidelines. To increase your chances of success in the freelance writing world, follow website guidelines to the letter.