Sunday, May 12, 2013

3 Tips That Will Help You Become An Elite Plus Writer On iwriter Fast Without Using The Fast Track Program

If you are a standard writer on iwriter and you don't have money to pay for the fast track program, this article is for you. I have been an iwriter writer for over two and a half years now and I can tell you for sure that you don't need to take the program to become an elite plus writer in a short time. You can build up your rating normally by considering some very important tips. I have tried these tips before. They work wonders. You can work your way up in less than a week (6 days to be precise).

1. Choose the shortest articles: If you want to rank fast and easy from a standard writer to an elite plus writer, you have to consider writing short articles only. Long articles can be very tiring especially if you are being paid peanuts. The easiest way to rank is to choose the 150 and 300 word articles because you can do such articles in less than 30 minutes.

2. Do a minimum of 5 short articles daily: This is another important tip to consider if you want to become an elite plus writer fast. Because you need 30 articles ratings to become an elite plus writer, you must ensure that you do 5 short articles daily. This translates to about 3 hours daily.

3. Work for requesters who rate writers: This is another important tip. It is important to note that writing 30 articles isn't enough to make you an elite writer on iwriter. All the articles have to be rated. There are some requesters who don't rate their writers. As a result, articles are auto approved. If you want to become an elite plus writer fast, you must make sure that you requester rates writers. You can do this by checking writer ratings. If the requester has a habit of not rating articles, you will see this in writer reviews.

In summary, the above tips are adequate enough to help you become an elite plus writer in just 6 days without having to pay for the fast track program. It is however important to ensure that you pick work from requesters with a high approval rate. Prefarably 80% and above.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

What You Might Be Doing Wrong As A Freelance Writer

I have been a fulltime freelance writer for a couple of years now. I have had challenges throughout my journey which is why I thought of dedicating this post to helping upcoming freelancers. Being a freelance writer isn't easy. If you are getting into freelance writing because you don't like working hard, then I am afraid to burst your bubble but it won’t work for you. You have to work harder as a freelance writer than you would on a 9 to 5 job. This is because your income is dictated by how many jobs you handle in a month. With that said, I have compiled a list of what you might be doing wrong as a freelance writer.

1. You're not working hard enough: You need to put in at least 4 hours daily for research, creating professional profiles online, registering with freelance writing sites, joining freelance writing forums e.t.c. to start getting work.

2. You're not looking for work in the right places: It is possible to work hard i.e. put in even more than 4 hours daily and still fail to get work. If this is the case, you might be looking for work in the wrong places. There are very many freelance writing scams in the internet today. Make sure you investigate a website before you sign up and start working. There are many legitimate freelance writing websites. You can check my previous posts for legitimate freelance writing sites.

3. You aren't offering quality:  You must offer quality to survive as a freelance writer. If you happen to have problems with grammar, consider using online grammar tools. If you aren’t familiar with certain citation styles (if you are an academic writer) consider learning first before you start writing otherwise you won’t succeed.

4. You are not consistent: You can't fail to get freelance writing jobs if you are consistent enough. It took me approximately 3 months to get my first freelance writing job. You should never give up looking for work because jobs are there. Giving up isn’t an option.

Friday, January 25, 2013

How to achieve elite writer status on iwriter in one day

From my previous posts, it is clear that iwriter is by far one of the best freelance writing websites in the internet. Unlike many other writing websites, it is easy to join the site and start earning immediately. You don't need to bid for work which is common in many other sites. Once you register with the site, you can pick an article immediately and begin earning money. From my experience with the site so far, the only problem I have had with the site is ranking.

There are three main levels; standard, premium and elite. Ranking to become a writer in the best level (elite) is a daunting task. You have to write over 30 articles and get 30 ratings averaging about 4.6/5 to become an elite writer. This is a hard task that can take you weeks if not months. Toiling to rank as an elite writer in iwriter is now history thanks to the owner of iwriter (Brad Callen). He has released a new program dubbed the fast track program that allows new writers to get to elite status in a day. The catch however is that you have to part with $147 to enter the program. You also need to write at least two articles that will be assessed and rated by the iwriter team.

This is an excellent program for good writers if you ask me. I have been writing for iwriter for the past 8 months and I can tell you for sure the website pays writers. Because I am an elite writer myself, I see no need to participate in the program however if you have tried in vain to rank high and become an elite writer on the site, this is your opportunity. Open a brand new iwriter account today to join the fast track program and become an elite writer in just one day by clicking this link Register with iwriter.